Sunday, January 27, 2013

We're On Our Way To D.C.!

This February I will be heading to Washington D.C.with American Fisherman and a few select chefs  to express our concerns with fisheries management today. Even after decades of regulations aimed at restoring fisheries big problems still exist and thanks to the Environmental Defense Fund we will have a voice at our nations political hub to share our frustrations but most importantly to give our suggestions and feedback as to the impact that both regulations and lack of regulations has had on the fishing community as a whole.

Ask yourself the true meaning of sustainability? in basic terms it is the what, where and how something is being produced, fished or raised. But to me and more importantly, the message I aim to bring to the Congress floor is the WHO and the WHY? Who is in charge of making the decisions impacting the American fisherman? Why are we making decisions without thinking about about replenishment? What about progressing? Where are the efforts from our politicians to help swing the decisions of the American consumer to diversify their seafood selections?

I have learned the hard way I like to think, that consumers drive demand. Restaurants, fish markets, big box supermarkets etc...will all carry what the consumer wants. We need to start focusing our efforts on diversifying our American palette when it comes to seafood and think about those other species of fish that are in great shape and can provide fisherman with fish to catch at a fair price paid by consumers. This sounds simple enough but I fully understand the challenges we face trying to send this message on our own. This is why we need the United States Senate & Congress to help us send this message. This message doesn't only help our helps the entire fishing community and also helps the fish in the sea. By alleviating the pressure on those challenged species and allowing the abundant species to be introduced all while providing a fair income to those suffering the most, not the Cod, but the fisherman.

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