Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meet the Scup, The Sea Robin & The Dogfish

After a year of talking about it, a year of phone calls, and a year of collaboration with some of my great friends and of course, amazing chefs.....we are excited to announce the First Chefs Collaborative Trash Fish Dinner! 

About the event: Meet the scup. The sea robin. The dogfish. These are fish that have traditionally been left off the menu by chefs, discarded by fishermen as bycatch, and virtually unknown to the general public.
During this family-style multi-course dinner, you’ll enjoy Atlantic fish that fly under the radar, prepared by eight renowned chefs from the Boston area, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. All proceeds benefit the work of Chefs Collaborative.

Featured Speaker: Barton Seaver – Sustainability Fellow in residence at the New England Aquarium and National Geographic Society Fellow.

Who’s Cooking:
Evan Mallett, Black Trumpet Bistro
Evan Mallett, Black Trumpet Bistro – Portsmouth, NH
Eventbrite - Trash Fish Dinner: The Best New England Seafood You’ve Never Tried

For more information, contact Rob Booz: 617-236-5200 or

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