Friday, November 2, 2012

First the Government...Now Mama Nature: Impact of Sandy on Our Fisherman

In an industry that is struggling with  little allocations and a catch share system that continues to steer equity into the industry's biggest and deepest pockets, and top that off with an economic disaster declared by the government in September, Hurricane Sandy couldn't have hit at a worst time.

Hurricane Sandy’s terrible toll in lost lives and lost communities is still being measured. but one thing the news isn't mentioning and in my opinion worth noting, is that the storm sent shock waves through the mid-Atlantic through North East region’s fishing industry. Harbors and infrastructure were washed away and in some cases completely destroyed along the New York and New Jersey coastlines, some places so bad that the  Garden State Seafood Association has already asked NJ Gov. Chris Christie  to officially request a federal fisheries disaster declaration.

Lets think about the industry as a whole for a moment....Restaurants and retail operations shut down for pretty much 2 days across the mid Atlantic and north east corridor along with airports and other delivery methods completely at a standstill demand was basically zero....Fisherman hurried out over the weekend to get the catch they needed to try and generate some income but due to low demand, prices plummeted. Sandy also barred international air travel in advance of its actual arrival at the major East Coast airports, eliminating supply to Europe and Asia and despite some fishermans bravery,  most boats in stayed in port. Basically pure paralysis.

SO if ever the time to support our local fisherman and is the time. For restaurants, please consider buying local ground fish species to serve this weekend. Hake, Pollock even Dogfish., Some Fluke are out there as well.

If your a consumer, order these species or go to your local market and ask for New England ground fish to put on the dinner table. I'm serving Pollock from our Backyard (Georges Bank) all weekend at 606 Congress. So come on by or cook your family some great local seafood and support those that need it most right now.

And many of my readers are located  in New York & the Mid Atlantic, please consider the same thing and support your fisherman.

I understand many people are going through some tough times & my thoughts and prayers go out to the people around the country effected negatively by this storm.

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