Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Salmon Rediscovered

Working in the hotel world for 2 years now, I've done everything I can to get my guests in both the restaurant and the hotels additional dining options ( In Room Dining, Catering & Lounge) to enjoy local underutilized New England Seafood as much as possible. Hake, Triggerfish, Acadian Red Fish, Whiting are just a small few of some of our amazing options that we prefer to serve instead of cod and haddock.

But one things for sure... I have realized that sometimes you just have to make sure that you take care of those guests who are frequent travelers, tired and just want something they are comfortable with.

Of course we didn't succumb to a very traditional salmon dish, and we also had to make sure that our salmon is Wild and from responsible sources . Wild Coho is running now in Alaska and as long as we can get it we will serve it. We debone and roll to wrap the fillet in its own skin and then cook sous vide at 55c for 22 minutes. Sear and baste in lemon butter

This dish takes advantage of Local foraged black trumpets( puree of trumpets, garlic, mushroom stock and cream) and lobster mushrooms ( simply roasted) from our good friend Ben The Mushroom Man.

We Originally confit the Brussels Sprouts in duck fat, but I found the additional fat was too much for the already fatty salmon, so we choose to roast and toss in a lemon and chili vinaigrette.

We finish the dish with some pre blanched fingerling rounds ( these I deep fried in the duck fat) with a crispy exterior and mousse like interior.

A champagne butter sauce is lightened up by frothing while warm.

A salmon dish that I have to tell you.... I really enjoyed an hope that my guests enjoy as well. I appreciate the want to eat a comfortable menu option .... Not necessarily comfort food but comfortable in the sense of ingredients that are recognizable to the everyday traveler and diner that appreciates perfect technique and intriguing combinations of known ingredients