Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nantucket 2012

 Well another fantastic long weekend celebrating all things wine & food on one of my favorite islands! This year we had the pleasure of working with Pride Mountain Vineyards at the Great Wines in Grand Houses at the Nantucket Wine Festival ,  whose cult following I didn't understand until I sampled some of the best juice in the world! Denis Toner & Team were once again outstanding to work with and as always I will look froward to next year, seriously one of the best wine festivals in the country and if you haven't had the chance to experience this, next year is your year! Enjoy some photos of our food, the crew enjoying some down time and of course the Grand Tasting!

 Chris "Nips" Kanaple & I getting ready to get our you know what handed to us at the Harbor Gala! Whos idea was it to serve the islands "national dish" of Bluefish pate!!!!

Nips & Drew aka "Sons Of Nantucket Scooter Club"

Consider me the Pres....

Not Sure Why Drew thought this was awkward?

Mean Looking Machines.....

No caption needed

Great Wines In Grand Houses..Prep Time

Wish this was my kitchen!

Fresh Water Eel, Whipped Caramel, Magenta Lace

Fluke Ceviche

Island Creek Oysters, Candied Ginger, Pain D'Epices

Lemon & Vodka Cured Wild King Salmon, Frozen  Mustard, Native Crab Salad Wrapped in Apple Gelee

Magret Duck "ham", hibiscus fluid gel, morels, baby turnips with tops, hibiscus duck demi

Our Wonderful Guests with the sunset as the main course drops...

Bruleed Sheeps Milk Cheese, house made plum jelly, piment d'espellete

White Chocolate "Panna Cotta", Jasmine Tea Foam, Brown Butter Financier, Pomelo Segments, Citrus Cream, Lemon Grass, Citrus Marigolds, Rice Wine Noodles

Well Deserved Bottle of 1990 Dom

The Wifey, Drew & Chris @ The Grand Tasting

The cameras focus was exactly how I was seeing about this time!

The beautiful wife and I enjoying the Nantucket sun & wine

not sure if drew was awake at this point.....

Nips, killing it on the tables at the chicken box

The weekend ends at the Chicken Box with a little reggae action! 

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