Monday, January 9, 2012

Captain Steve Arnold & Crew Home Safe, F/V Elizabeth Helen Lost To The Ocean

F/V Elizabeth Helen (right)

You've read about Wild Rhody llc.  for just over a year now.In my opinion the company has single handedly changed the way we think about where our seafood comes from her in New England.  Captain Steve Arnold has been one of the pioneering fisherman who have helped get Trace & Trust to where it is today, one of the best traceability systems to date for the seafood industry. Wild Rhody, his seafood company that he co-owns and operates with longtime friend & partner Captain Christopher Brown will be down one boat this year.

On Saturday while you and I were enjoying an "Indian summer" of sorts here in New England, Captain Steve was at the helm of the 55-foot Elizabeth Helen hauling his catch when he experienced rare tide and wind conditions causing the boat to tip on its side and sink. In a telephone conversation I had with Steve yesterday he credited the US Coast Guard with saving he and his crews life. On twitter Steve wrote " hell of a ride yesterday, you cant train for this shit".

In an Official Statement posted on the Wild Rhody llc. web page they couldn't have said it any better....

" This event reminds us that commercial fishing, like so many other professions, brings extreme risk and danger every day. In this instance, Captain Steve had both proper training and equipment on board that aided in his rescue. However, his calm demeanor and clear thinking is surely, what saved his life".

Please think about the men and women who are putting their lives on the line for your family to eat local foods.

My love of the ocean and the time I spent working on it reminds me of the violent and awful things the ocean can do.

We're all glad he and his crew are home safe.

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