Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yes we do have more than Seafood!

I've been slacking on the pictures of food lately, our world has started to get busy again at the hotel and everyone is back in the groove. Banquets is off to a strong start of the "busy" season and our restaurant is starting to develop an identity for having some of the best seafood in Boston. I looked at my posts and was overwhelmed by the amount of seafood focused posts in the last few months...nothing wrong with that but we do serve more than seafood! Pictured is our American Wagyu Short Ribs. We purchase our short ribs from the family owned and operated Strube Ranch located in Eastern Texas and these ribs are by far some of the best I have ever had! 48 hours in a sous vide bath then quickly seared and sliced, these ribs are still medium rare and the most tender short ribs ever.
We finish the dish with a simple locally sourced winter squash cooked sous vide with butter for 1 hour at 85C then pureed in a vita prep, pickled mustard seeds and roasted Rhode Island grown cipollini onions accompany the dish and a light dusting of organic black lava salt which comes from Hawaii and is a blend of sea salt  and purified volcanic charcoal. This salt is evaporated in above ground pools that formed naturally from lava flows.
By far my favorite non-seafood dish on the current menu!

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