Friday, October 14, 2011

Head To "Tail FIN" Dinner Pictures

What a great night last night! Our partners Chefs Collaborative, Slow Food Boston and really made this dinner possible with their outreach and enthusiasm for the event. The wine of course was phenomenal, I always expect nothing less from Jack "The Man" & Jorge Ordonez Wines. And the biggest thanks to our guests who really came ready to ask questions and enjoy a great culinary & wine experience. Here are some shots of lasts nights dinner.

Squid taking at 59C bath

Local Mass Conch Ceviche

Simply Sea Urchin

The entire team killed it last night!

Yellowfin Tuna Marrow Tartare
whipped tofu, nori cracker,"pacotized" wasabi,  purple ninja radish

Monkfish Carpaccio & Crispy Monkfish Gillls & Skin
cherry tomato, red shiso, monkfish liver pate, truffle, ponzu

Roasted Cod Tongue & Fried Cod Cheek
cod tongue relish, smoked cod roe, paprika, baby mustard green

Rice Wrapped Gulf White Shrimp
tempura shrimp heads, Hudson Valley foie gras "mayonnaise"

Point Judith Squid Sous Vide
Hill Farms Pork Belly, Black P-Nut Milk

Maple & Anise French Toast
Lavender Bud Custard, Lemon Sorbet, Blue Berry Textures

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