Monday, September 26, 2011

The Massachusetts Oyster Project

I stumbled upon the Massachusetts Oyster Project this morning as I was searching for something to do with all the oyster shells I anticipate having after the Boston Local Food Festival. We have decided to host a Raw Bar at this years festival and one of the agreements in order to participate is to pledge to have a Zero Waste booth.
I had heard of recycling oyster shells but had absolutely no idea where to take them. So after a few quick searches I was thrilled to find this great project taking place right in our own backyard.
The program will send used oyster shells back to the Harbor to become refuge and fertile oyster growing beds for future generations of oysters. James Wright of Seafood Business writes, “Living oysters are capable of filtering 40 to 60 gallons of seawater each day, improving the clarity and quality of intertidal waters by removing plankton, sediment, and excess nutrients. After shucking and slurping, their shells keep on giving, too.” Because oyster shells are such a limited natural resource, returning them to the Bay and its tributaries is critical. Recycled oyster shells are reused and replanted in the Bay with baby “spat” oysters attached. These “spat on shell” oysters are placed in sanctuary reefs and provide a natural habitat for new oysters and other marine life to grow. One used shell can host up to 30 individual baby oysters that will then grow naturally into clusters and repopulate sanctuary reefs.
So this Saturday from 11am-5pm come and enjoy this amazing event and stop by our booth for the following Local Shellfish extravaganza and help restore the Harbor!

Powder Point Oysters ( Duxbury MA) $2 ea
Katama Bay Oysters ( Marthas Vineyard MA) $2 ea 
Taylor Bay Scallops ( Cape Cod Bay) $1 ea
Wellfleet Littlenecks ( Wellfleet MA)$1 ea

We even sourced all the ingredients for the accoutrements locally from farms in both MA & RI to include a killer green tomatillo salsa, first of the season apple mignonette and a spicy Nobu style ceviche sauce.
Hope to see you this weekend!

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RestoreOyster-Man said...

The Oyster Project is delighted to have your interest and support. At the end of this month we should have a facility for aging shell up and running in East Boston. Right now they are in a supporter's back yard.