Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Annual Head To "Tail FIN" Dinner coming soon!

October will once again be upon us in 30 days or so and the harvest dinners will start to pop up everywhere, Nose to Tail events and Beer tastings....great, been there,done that, lets do something different.

Although we are still finalizing details of the event as we speak, our First Annual Head to "Tail FIN" Dinner will be in October and were excited to be celebrating seafood like no one has done before. Seven amazing seafood courses using the philosophy of head to "tail fin" dining , using parts of the ocean creature many of you have never experienced. Cod Tongue, Tuna Marrow, Monkfish Liver are just a few of the ingredients on our menu. Our goal is not to show you how to use 1 animal in a whole meal, but how to use parts of different species that are not typical and show that YES YOU CAN use the whole fish.

We will be sourcing our seafood from responsible fisherman up and down the east coast including our Trace & Trust fisherman out of Point Judith Rhode Island.

Stay tuned for additional information including date, cost and wine partner!


Live Green Sea Urchin (New Brunswick, Canada)
lemon, sea salt

Yellowfin Tuna Marrow Tartare (Montauk, New York)
fresh wasabi root, nori cracker

Monkfish Carpaccio (Portland, Maine)
monkfish liver “ponzu” , chives, greenhouse cherry tomatoes, crispy monkfish gills & skin

Deep Fried Cod Tongue & Cheek (Gloucester, Mass)
smoked cod roe sauce

Head On Gulf Shrimp (Port St. Joe, Florida)
Hudson Valley foie gras mayonnaise, crispy rice

Sous Vide Long fin Squid & Hill Farms Pork Belly (Point Judith, Rhode Island)
long island cheese pumpkin gnocchi, peanut milk, squid ink

Maple & Anise French Toast
lavender custard, lemon sorbet, blueberry

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