Friday, June 17, 2011

British Tamworth Pig

Half of the Tamworth Ready For Butchering

Ready To Brainstorm Menu Ideas

Mustard Braised Pork Sliders For Our Velocity Lunch

Pork Trotter Terrine

Last week we received the first of this seasons Tamworth Pig, a 200lb beauty from Round the Bend Farm in Dartmouth, MA. Antone “Tee” Vieira is the farmer responsible for raising heritage breeds of cattle, goat, sheep and hog who wander freely over the landscape along with free-range chickens. Tee raises harvest animals and work the land the old way, by rotating the animals.Their urine and feces are worked into the land. They eat different grasses. All are a part of a natural farming system.Some of the other heritage animals include Irish Dexter cows, Black Welsh mountain sheep and Swiss Oberhasli dairy goats.

I took my time with this one, its been a little bit since having a 200lb animal in front of me. It brought back the almost "zen" like feeling I remember when running Tastings and we would bring in these and other whole animals to break down and figure out how to use in different applications on our nightly tasting menu.

Already we have braised shoulder for mustard braised pork sliders for our lunch menu, Trotters were slow cooked in stock made with the pig bones and then made into a cold terrine for use with our charcuterie plate,The chops and T-bones were a huge hit served with cauliflower textures and frisse salad and a pork demi made with the stock used to cook the pig trotters. 

Tonight the boys will feature pork butt that was brined and then cooked in our Winston Cook & Hold Oven with CVAP technology for 12 hours at 175F for a "Surf & Turf" featuring the  seared slow cooked pork butt,  little neck clams, fingerling potato, pickled ramps and a beer (Harpoon UFO) and whole grain mustard sauce.

Its an amazing feeling to take one animal and have the opportunity to do so much with it and still have so much left to do! We have the belly, the head, more shoulder, butt, ham, heart and kidneys, fatback and hocks.

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