Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Toast to The Crew at Renaissance Boston & 606 Congress

For a chef,  waiting for a review (here in Boston especially the Boston Globe)  to come out is torture, even if you have all the confidence in the world in your crew there is still that part of you that hopes everything was spot on, did the cooks season everything perfectly? Was there too much garnish? Did the server remember to describe all the components correctly? Were we just that little bit off on the night the reviewers were in that could have made it go south quickly? Wine Pairings correct?

But today we were very fortunate to have a great review written by Devra First of the Boston Globe. A humble 2 stars and proud of them! Sure there were some things we missed the mark on.... some of the food wasn't perfect, wine list and decor were targets but overall....I am very proud of the review and most of all of my crew who made it happen! The good outweighed the criticism by a mile.

Its great when your hard work is rewarded with some kind words and encouragement to continue doing your thing, being creative and inventive and pushing the limits for your clientele.

But this is about my crew, the team that dedicates their time to ensuring that people get what we are trying to do ..... both front of the house & back of the house ....Thank you and a toast to you!

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Tiny Urban Kitchen said...

Congrats to both you and your crew on such a great review! I'll try to stop by this summer!