Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bostons Official Earth Dinner 2011

Celebrate Earth Day 606 Congress! Together with Chefs Collaborative, Organic Valley and over 70 Restaurants across the country we are the city of Bostons official earth dinner participant!

We are serving a 4 course Responsible Seafood Dinner perfectly paired with organic & bio dynamic wines I will personally select and a Westport Rivers Sparkling Wine reception were we will toast our VIP Guests and enjoy a few small bites using local fare.. We are fortunate to have Captains Chris Brown & Steve Arnold as our distingushed guests to talk about New England Ground Fish and what they are doing to help bring a select few chefs the freshest seafood around and save the ground fish fishing industry! They will also discuss the purpose of an inititive I'm very proud to be a part of called Trace & Trust, which is a website that allows guests to track where there seafood was caught, how it was caught and who caught it.

The dinner will be held on  April 22 at 7pm seats are $65(++)  and also a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Chefs Collaborative. You will receive some take away materials to help you live a more earth friendly lifestyle and  I"m also very excited to be able to write a menu that will be based on the catch that our the Fishing Vessels Proud Mary & Elizabeth Helen will be hauling hours before the event as well as what our local farms have available including items from Evas Garden, Cooks Valley Farm, Narragansett Creamery and more!!!!! So the menu will be a surprise but I assure you that you wont be disappointed.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Chefs Collaborative & Organic Valley to make this dinner possible. Please visit if your not in the Boston area to find an Earth Dinner near you as there are over 70 participating restaurants around the country.

For Reservations please call 617.476.5606 . I look forward to hosting you for a local culinary adventure like no other you've experienced before. Space is limited to this special evening.

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