Friday, March 18, 2011

Blackburns Day Boat Haddock From "Water To Table"

Blackburns Hook Haddock/Black Trumpets/White Bean Puree/Chorizo

Over the past few weeks in preparation for the International Seafood Show held here in Boston, I have been working on a project with CleanFish Inc, a company dedicated to bringing true artisan producers (both farmers and fisherman) together with chefs who really care about giving guests high quality , traceable and trustworthy seafood products.

I had heard about CleanFish a few years ago and while I was cooking at Tastings I would occasionally bring in different products throughout the year with the CleanFish label...always as fresh as they said and the quality was incredible. Then when I came to 606 Congress and learned that the previous chef had developed a connection with CleanfFish directly I jumped on the chance to reach out and introduce myself. Shortly there after I was contacted to team on a project that I believe is the first step to a stronger connection between consumers, chefs and producers.

Tomorrow we will debut a QR code "card" that will be given to consumers who order a Blackburns Haddock dish at 606 Congress, this code can be scanned with your smart phone and it will direct you to a link with a short video that describes Blacknurns Haddock and its qualities and fishing practices that make it sustainable, high quality and one of the true artisan fisheries in Massachusetts. Learn more about Blackburns Haddock here.

This is one step in the right direction that I am excited to be the first to do this with CleanFish and hope that other chefs will jump on the opportunity to provide their guests with in the near future and to incorporate other species as well.

I am also working on another project known currently as Trace & Trust in which each catch is directly related to a "FISH ID" that can be inputted into a web site that will trace the fish directly back to the deck it was on only hours before. More about this project very soon.

To be part of an initiative that allows us all to take a look at the impact we can have on an industry in real time is larger than I can even comprehend, but its a great feeling to know that chefs, producers, fisherman, farmers and companies like CleanFish can all work together to make the chain as short as possible, yet stronger than ever.

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