Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honor Our Military Chefs

from the British TV Series"Combat Chefs"

In honor of veterans day I wanted to share with you another world that many of you don't even know exists.
Military chefs & cooks provide food for our soldier on the ground, generals in Washington and dignitaries from around the world to name a few.

Long are the days of powdered eggs and shit on a shingle ( salted meat, white gravy & toast) you'll find an ACF sanctioned program certifying military chefs, training sessions conducted at the Culinary Institute of Americas for the armed forces top culinary talent and cooking competitions around the world featuring world class chefs that just happen to work for the US Military.

CIA has a long history with the military, in fact it was started to help returning war vets learn a skill and get back into the civilian workforce.

I am fortunate enough to  be a US Marine Corps Food Service Specialist (3381) , in late 90's after 3 months of Boot Camp at Paris Island , Marine Corps Combat Training at Camp Lejune I finally landed at Ft. Lee Virginia to attend the USMC food service training school. We were trained with the Army at the Armys Food Service Culinary Academy and this is where I picked up all my basic culinary skills I still use today. I never did attend formal culinary school but looking back at my career and where I am still going the military gave me everything I needed from a basic culinary standpoint, but they also gave me something JWU or CIA could never give me...real world training and military leadership training.

I trained and worked with the 1st Battalion/25 Marines 4 Marine Division stationed at Camp Edwards (today they are at Fort Devens) Although I am no longer wearing the uniform I am as proud to tell people that I am a Marine Cops Combat Cook as I was the day I earned the eagle globe & anchor.

Please take a moment to check out these links and learn more about our Military Chefs and their skills.

Happy Veterans Day!

Military Chef to Civilian Chef (one of the first articles I ever wrote)
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