Friday, October 22, 2010

I received a letter from ABC NEWS Nightline ....

Received a letter in the mail today from ABC news (Nightline) read .......

"Dear Chef Garcia, As you likely know by now, Nightline recently held a contest we called the "Peoples Platelist" and invited our audience from across the country to nominate chefs they thought were the most talented in the nation. YOU were among the chefs nominated by our audience, who wrote elaborate essays explaining the reasons they believed you fit the category. Although you were not selected as the finalist, your authentic and original cuisine has clearly made an impact in your community. For that reason, and your commitment to your craft we would like to offer you this small token of our congratulations and appreciation."

Sincerely ,

Cynthia McFadden , Anchor ABC News Nightline
Bill Weir , Anchor ABC News Nightline
Terry Moran, Anchor  ABC News Nightline

I don't know who nominated me or took the time out to write an essay about me , but I thank you from the bottom of my heart and am touched that you would take the time out to do that. I am very happy that my cuisine has been able to reach people in a way I never thought it could.