Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eating Local During Winter Months?

If you're been shopping at farm stands and farmer's markets or enjoying your CSA this past summer, you may have been worrying about what to do now that the leaves are starting to fall and first frost is right around the corner.

Is it time  to say goodbye to those beautiful, locally-grown fruits and vegetables to which you've grown accustomed?

Well the farmers in Upstate New York say NO!

Farmers Frozen Foods is regionally processed by small family farmers in the Up state NY area who are sustainable heirloom, natural, and authentic. They manage the program like a summer CSA only the food you receive is frozen, the frozen product allows you to eat and support local farms all winter long!

In 2005, the SARE (sustainable agriculture research and education) grant award helped with the development of packaging and distribution. They are finally being recognized by more good eaters and gourmands. The work continues...increasing their network of small farmers -they claim they will never become one large commercial farm. The growing is done in joint venture with multiples of small farmers bringing their naturally grown crops to regional processing facilities. New Yorkers support lots of family farms when they  buy Farmers Frozen Foods. their small batch processing allows for stricter quality control standards to achieve maximum nutrients.

I know for a fact that many farms here in Mass & R.I. are freezing their crop for winter storage and usage, but it would be great to have an organized program set up like this to allow more people to enjoy local through out the year.

If there is anything like this out there , please comment and let me know..... We may not be Yankees fans here in Boston, but I am a big fan of what the Farmers Frozen Food team is doing.

Here is a link to the Farmers Frozen Foods Blog

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