Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pejamajo Cafe & New Harvest Coffee Roasters

One of the selling points for my new position was the opportunity to head up the development of our private label coffee program at Pejamajo Cafe. I was thrilled when I found out that New Harvest Coffee Roasters out of Pawtucket RI was currently sourcing and roasting our blends. Simply put...New Harvest cares about their coffee and they want yo to care about it too. New Harvest is an Artisan coffee company who pays attention and is involved in every step of the artisan coffee chain—from growing to harvesting to processing to roasting and finally to brewing.

The roastery and offices use zero-emission electricity produced by 100% renewable sources through their membership in New England Green Start. They use an innovative Catalytic Oxidizer to eliminate the smoke produced by the roasting process while using 65% less fuel and producing two-thirds fewer greenhouse emissions than conventional pollution-control systems. They are aggressive recyclers, finding new homes and uses for everything from wood pallets to burlap bags.

We blind tasted our current Pejamajo blends today and learned a great deal about not only organic blends and fair trade...but what we found to be the most important was a direct sourcing program. Lets face it getting certified organic or even finding a fair trade product is getting easier to do and as much as I am glad to see this becoming main stream it also leaves you to wonder about the certification process, is it getting easier? If big box stores now carry a "cheap" certified organic and fair trade blend...where is the quality.

With direct sourcing New Harvest is out sourcing beans direct from small & large family run farms across the globe, focusing their energy on finding the highest quality coffee beans in the world. Hand in hand with this comes most likely an organic product being purchased using fair trade and sustainable practices....so you get the best of all worlds.

One of the most exciting things we spoke about today was a trip this coming winter New Harvest is making to Guatemala ( where I was born) to search out new farms that could very well end up growing coffee for us at Pejamajo. The connection between Pejamajo and the farm will be the most direct connection you can find, farmer to roaster to our cafes. There was even talk about the possible opportunity for us to actually get the opportunity to go and visit the very farms and meet the very farmers who will be growing our coffee.

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