Friday, May 28, 2010

Japanese Style Crepes

As mentioned in the last post, my life has started to resolve around crepes. 17 years ago when I began my journey in food my mind could not even fathom that I would wake up everyday on a quest to develop the worlds finest crepe company. I have been researching, testing and developing what I believe to be the answer to the alternative to the traditional sandwich. But I cant take the credit, and like many things these days I have to tilt my hat to the Japanese.

 Imagine a French crepe - taken down a few notches on the snootiness scale. The great thing about Japanese crepes is they are just a casual handheld product. You buy them on the street from little shacks, they come with so many different possible fillings, and in Japan they make them on the spot and then hand them to you like an ice cream cone. They taste basically like a French crepe - with a few minor differences. There's less butter used in the batter and most important to me all the fillings are fresh and/or raw - not cooked or processed.

 The Japanese love their street food, so they just borrowed the idea from France and added their own twist. They've turned it into fine fast food. Or as Larry David once wrote, "not fast food, Jerry. Good food, quickly."

The summer menu is under development for a June release. Some of the crepes served in the Japanese style we have finalized are ....

Westfiiefd Farms Goat Cheese & Crispy Organic Mushrooms
 truffle honey , baby arugula

Taleggio & Ugly Tomato

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