Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fine Fast Food

 Many of my friends have been puzzled at my decision to move from high end dining to what I call upscale quick service or "fine fast food". I have taken a corporate chef/director of culinary & beverage position for a upscale casual crepe cafe and bistro "chain" called Pejamajo Cafe.

I enjoy having a life and spending it with my wife and children. I have been in the restaurant grind for almost 18 years and I am making a decision for my family for the first time and not for me.

I enjoy the challenge that is take a small company and be part of a team that is attempting to grow this into a National & International business with multiple units around the world and in the retail market.

But those are not the only reasons.....

I challenge you to think about this and think about it seriously, why cant fast food be treated with the same standards as fine dining?

 Just real food, from real farms that use sustainable practices cooked by real people who care about what we are doing. Ingredients driven by seasons, changing as needed to allow you to always experience the best possible product we can offer.

Our food will have integrity and be treated with respect. Our food will be seasoned properly and will be cooked with care. Our food will be thought about and not just thrown together. We will think about taste texture, temperature and appearance. The difference is that we will provide for you a meal with the same standards as any of the finest kitchens in the world .....quickly and consistently at any one of our locations you visit.

Chef David Chang (Momofuko) is the pioneer in my mind. And what he has done for the quick serve restaurant is prove that fast food can be fine food. He has paved the way for restaurants in this country  to provide a quick meal without sacrificing quality and beliefs.

Fine Fast can be done


David Dadekian said...

Good luck, Chef. I hope you can do it. I want to see good, real food brought to the masses. I've been impressed with what Chipotle has managed and there's to be room for lots more. If I can be of any help, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of your decision and look forward to seeing you take on this challenge with the same passion and skill that you have applied to your past experiences.

I think the tag line should read like this: "fine food,fast"!

all the best,