Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Near

Illustration by William Nicholson

Sorry for the lag in posts. been on vacation the past two weeks and just needed to not worry about food, work etc.....

But now I'm back, getting ready to return, refreshed, motivated and with plenty of new ideas and thought running through my mind. Spring Menu needs to be finalized and menu items tested and tweaked before we try and roll out the new menu in a couple of weeks(that's the goal but I'm thinking were 3-4 weeks out)

Spring is one of my favorite seasons here in New England, people just seem to have a better outlook on life, in the kitchen we are getting ready to see some of my favorite products to works with.

Spring Dug Parsnips, Fiddleheads, Ramps, Green Almonds, Morel Mushrooms, Stinging Nettles, Spring Garlic Scapes, Asparagus, Radishes, Cardoons, Cherries, Fava Beans, Peas, Rhubarb, Turnips.......I think you get the point.

Stay tuned for spring dishes.

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Tiny Urban Kitchen said...

Those vegetables sound fantastic - can't wait! I'm still planning on coming out sometime for a meal. Would love to try some of those vegetables!