Friday, March 5, 2010

The Beard House Dinner 2010

Our First Trip to the James Beard House April 2009

3 days of prep, triple checking the list to make sure everything is packed and in the right coolers, make sure that we have all the needed non food items, last minute calls to our vendors asking where the hell is the one and only thing that I need today that cant wait until tomorrows delivery! Oh, and of course we decide to cut off the reservations at 65 people and we are at 77 with a last minute phone call asking if we can please take 3 more!!!!! 80 it is....
Our second trip to the James Beard House seems just as stressful as the first one, only we know what we are walking into this time. It seems that we have cut down on the amount of food and extra "whatever" it was that we took with us on our first trip. This time around I am happy to be cooking with Matt (Chef de Cuisine) and Imani (Sous Chef) along with  Jose "Pepe" Rodriquez (my chef de cuisine at Havana Blue during my St. Thomas days as the Executive Chef of Blue Shore Grill Restaurant Group) and James Messinga the Executive Chef/Owner of Crazy Chefs Catering and Loco Tapas Bar in Easton MA. A kitchen full of chefs that all are humbled to be working together to put out a meal in the home of the father of American gastronomy.
I'm just as nervous, just as excited and looking forward to a amazing night cooking with friends and cooking for friends and family who made the trip from their homes to join us in NYC.
A special thanks to my wife Nicole, for putting up with the stress and long hours that went in to making this dinner possible.
I will post pictures of the dinner and the food, and maybe some crazy moments or two next week.....

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