Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Taylor Bay Scallops: A Sustainable Delicacy

Steamed Taylor Bay Scallops/Organic Polenta/Wild Mushrooms/Tarragon Crumbs
Meyer Lemon Oil/Chervil
(photo by Matt Maue)

Taylor Bay Scallops are raised in the waters of Cape Cod MA. These native local scallops are harvested daily, meaning I order them Monday night, Tuesday they are harvested live and delivered direct to the restaurant. Taylor Bays are Cape Cod Bay Scallops grown and harvested in Buzzards Bay.

Taylor Seafood has mastered techniques for growing these scallops. They are grown in nets suspended in the waters off of Cape Cod, Taylor Bays are also clean and sand free,making  them virtually ready to serve with minimal labor, a quick scrub and to the table.

With all the wild scallop issues these days and our commitment to a sustainable kitchen, these are on their way to becoming a staple item in our kitchen.

Live on the half shell or prepared as above, by far one the best farmed raised products coming from our local waters.

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