Saturday, February 20, 2010

No excuses...Local produce in the winter in New England?? YES


I recently had a conversation with a chef in the area about procuring local product. While most of you who follow the blog know that I support local agriculture, I support buying the highest quality ingredients first, make sure its fom sustainable source and then try and source it locally before I look elsewhere.

Anyways a little off track....the conversation with my fellow chef was about finding local produce here in New England in the middle of winter, he was saying there was nothing to buy and he would "jump on the bandwagon" in the summer again.

My feeling was that this was the easy way out. Yes it takes some extra work and no the farms aren't going to deliver as much in the winter. BUT fiqure out where you standards are. At Tastings we are all part of the solution. My sous chef gets up early to meet the Farm Trucks, Matt & I spend hours on the phone and online sourcing the product and then meeting the farmers, fisherman and ranchers. tasting the product, evaluating the quality vs. other sources and then putting our order together. Here is last weeks order in the middle of February for local product . I know its not a lot...but my point, its there and available....

Apples (Hill Fam)
Carrots (Schatner Farms)
Pasnips (Farm Fresh & Co. Farms)
Potatoes (Scatner Farms)
Seaweed (She Sells Seaweed )
Shrimp (Port Clydes)
Beef (Blackbird Farm)
Pork(Hill Farm)
Eggs Cage Free (Baffoni poulty farm)
Native Popcon on Cob (Schantner fams)

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R. said...

Fantastic! People tend to assume they can't get what they need nearby without ever taking a look. We're lucky living in Southern California, but even still, people don't realize that the produce at the grocery store isn't as local or organic as at a farmer's market or CSA box.