Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Story (love story)

I think every chef and foodie has a story...a love story about one meal or dish that changed the way they think and approach food. For me it was a simple dish on the River running through Logrono in Spains wine capital of Rioja.Grilled Pork Belly over open fire of olive wood, sea salt & lime. Served with fresh baked baquette and a bottle of Rioja served in a traditional drinking vessel called a poron. It took me into a world in which a meal can tell stories of what is in season, where people are from, and if you read between the lines, where they are going.
As I beging to think about where I'm going professionally, I want to make sure that every dish that comes out of the kitchen tells the story I want it to tell. I want the diner to enjoy every bite as if it was their last, and with each bite dive deeper into a story about where the food came from, how was it prepared and why they think I decided to put certain components together.
I want to take my cuisine up a notch (or two or three), take what Ive learned this past year about sustainability & the local farming in my region and combine it with the ability to provide a dining experience that my guests will not forget. Building who I am as a chef is something that will constantly evolve and change as the time goes by, one of the best reasons for being a chef if you ask me. Its never mundane or repetitive, as long as you strive to challenge yourself and allow your cuisine to evolve into what you are..not what you think people want it to be. Stay true to who you are and where your from and let that story be told through your food. Merry Christmas

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