Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 in pictures

As look back on 2009, I can honestly say that its probably been the of the best years in my career so far. One of my all time goals was achieved much earlier than I had ever at the James Beard House, I was humbled by winning a Rising Star Chef Award from I have cooked alongside some amazing chefs starting with my own team at Tastings (Matt & Imani) and then outside the restaurant at some of the regions most well known culinary events including the Nantucket Food & Wine Festival where I was one of the 2009 culinary luminaries, I was invited to cook at the Governors Holiday Ball as well as some amazing wine dinners with some of the countries most influential people in wine today including Jorge Ordonez and the Duckhorn Wine Collection.

On a personal note, its been tough without my DAD around but my wife and family have been there for me. My wife and I purchased our first home together, have had a wonderful time watching our two children become their own persons, and my oldest has become a pre-teen....not sure what to expect in 2010 but I can tell you that if its anything like 2009....I'm in for a great year.
A lot of pictures but hope you have time to watch the slide show

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