Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm a kid at more ways than one. One of my favorite all American things to eat is a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on good ole' white bread. And my other favorite thing is Foie no means is this a "new" application for foie, but can I tell you that it is one of the best combinations out there.

Pictured above we have a foie gras peanut butter & jelly "sandwich"...Wards Berry Farm Blackberries preserves, natural peanut butter, brioche fried in foie fat, and seared Hudson Valley foie gras, Maine sea salt. We were running this on tasting menus over the summer.

Recently we received a case of tempranillo grapes for a VIP dinner for one of the United States top Spanish wine importers. We changed this dish up a bit and made a Tempranillo Grape Jelly, Marcona Almond Butter & Foie Gras Sandwich. What an interpretation of a PB&J!

Now the season is screaming for apple & membrillo preserves and we received a few pounds of Rhode Island Grown Walnuts. I could go on and on..........but one thing is for sure, the PB&J is reborn!

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