Monday, October 5, 2009


The LOLA DUCK is here and I made sure I was the first to order some in the Boston Area!
A true heritage breed duck, bred from a domesticated White Pekin and a not-so domesticated Mallard. It is truly unique and the very first project of its kind taken on by Hudson Valley duck farm. I am always looking for regionally local,Lola ducks are bred, hatched, raised and processed in Ferndale, NY.
The flesh of the LOLA DUCK is dark red/crimson in color and has a rich gamey flavor and texture reminiscent of squab. This bird is far leaner than is Pekin parent. The fat that it does have is rich in duck-fatty flavor. They are air-chilled, which is the proven hands-down best and cleanest way to process poultry.
The LOLA DUCK grows slowly. Definitely SLOW FOOD! It takes 12 weeks to get to its weight of 3 lbs, which is almost twice the time as it takes to raise a 5 lb Pekin.
The inspiration to produce the LOLA DUCK came from Normandy, France, best known as the region which exports the delicious apple brandy, Calvados. Their ducks are not commercially exported and therefore less is known about the rich diversity of heritage breed ducks. Every cluster of villages has its’ own unique style. Every farmer has his own unique breeding stock and there is a centuries-old tradition of raising artisanal heritage breed ducks.
A first of its kind in the US!

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