Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heirloom Harvest Week Oct 12-18

The purpose of the 2009 Grow-Out is to celebrate and raise awareness of agricultural biodiversity, while promoting the development of markets for locally-raised, regionally-significant, heirloom produce in New England.

The Grow-Out project is run with a belief in the power of community building and celebration in growing and enhancing local food economies. Twenty-eight farmers and thirty-five chefs in Boston, MA; Portsmouth, NH and Providence, RI are participating in the Grow-Out this year. Each farmer is growing some of the sixteen varieties of regionally significant, heirloom vegetables chosen for the project. Seeds were donated to the project by Seed Savers Exchange, Fedco Seeds and Old Sturbridge Village. Farmers are “growning out” these seeds and participant chefs are buying the produce, featuring and celebrating it on their menus. To read more about the project, farmers and chefs, check out the Chefs Collaborative blog.
Heirloom Harvest Week is a celebration of New England’s agricultural heritage, biodiversity and farmer-chef connections. On October 12th – 18th, all the Grow-Out participant restaurants in Boston, Providence and Portsmouth will have one or more items on their menu highlighting and honoring locally grown vegetables from the project. Stop by to eat delicious food while supporting your local restaurants and farms and celebrating New England’s agricultural heritage.


We will be serving the following dishes & cocktails at Tastings

Boston Marrow Squash Flan
Simply Fried Jimmy Nardello Peppers (heirloom sweet pepper)
Sweet Siberian Yellow Watermelon Cocktail titled "Nice Melons" (by mixologist Scott Shoer)

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