Monday, September 28, 2009

Blackbird Farm

Much of our beef lately has been coming from Blackbird Farm in Smithfeild R.I, We have been buying a lot of beef tongue, ground beef, skirt and other offal. Less than 30 miles from the restaurant we are expereinceing some of the best beef the USA has to offer in my opinion. Unless I am looking for Wagyu Beef, Blackbird is my only other choice as of late.
Raising cattle is a family affair for Ann-Marie Bouthillette and her husband, Kevin. They—along with daughter, Samantha, and sons, Brandon and Troy—tend to more than fifty cattle at Blackbird Farm. Most of the bulls are Angus, chosen for optimal breeding and taste, though they’ve added a few Hereford as well
They select top Black Angus cows from across the country known for their production quality. The cows are then bred by artificial insemination on the farm with top Angus bulls that carry superior genetics. The better the genetics, the higher the yield with beautiful marbled meat. Angus females calve easily (i.e. give birth without much stress), partly because of the small size of a typical Angus calf, and have good calf rearing ability. After the calves are born, approximately at seven months of age, they are weaned and fed an all natural diet.
Cattle raised for beef are allowed to roam free on the grasslands surrounding the homestead and barn. They are fed an all-natural, very regulated diet of grain including oats and hay that is harvested locally just for them.Antibiotics are given only when needed, in the case of illness.For more information or to try Blackbird for yourself.....
Blackbird Farm
122 Lyme Rock Road

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