Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Local vs Quality vs Organic

At Tastings we pride ourselves in using local product grown and sourced sustainably. But when does the locavore movement take over and quality become a secondary thought?

What about Local vs Organic? which is actually better?

There are benefits to organic (nutritionally and environmentally), but there is a fault, transportation of the products around the world to meet the high demand.

Eating locally often means eating healthier, produce is the most nutritionally dense within three days of being picked, but the weakness is the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals that may be used at certain farms.

And quality......I believe in getting my guests the highest quality product that I can find. And if I have to go an extra 50 miles 100 miles, 1,000 miles to find the better product I will. As long as it falls into my guidelines of being sourced sustainably.

I try to follow this rule when purchasing

1) Local/Organic/Sustainable (75 miles)

2) Local/Sustainable (75 miles)

3) Regionally Local Organic/Sustainable (250 miles)

4) Regionally Local/Sustainable (250 miles)

5) Organic and/or Sustainable (from anywhere)

Think about it though....Iberico ham from Upstate New York??? NO, not a chance. But I make sure that I am buying a product that was treated humanley, or grown with the enviornment in mind.

Eating local means something different to all. A great definition comes from food advocate Joan Gussow:

“Within a day’s leisurely drive of our homes. [This] distance is entirely arbitrary. But then, so was the decision made by others long ago that we ought to have produce from all around the world.”

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