Monday, August 31, 2009

Changing Times

heirloom tomatoes, late summer melons, red kuri squash, apples, sweet corn....There is a time of the year that summer starts to turn to fall, the chill when the sun goes down is noticeable, and some of the lands greatest bounties run into each other. Late summer produce meets early of the best combinations known to man.For a chef its the same feeling a die hard spots fan has for the time of the year that Football, Baseball & Basketball are all in full swing.

At the restaurant we are getting ready and testing our newest menu items for the season...New Menu release September 15th.

Late Summer Corn/Bombster Scallops(CT)/Spanish Chorizo/Wild Mushrooms/Cilantro

Braised Short Ribs/Fresh Horseradish Root/Rhode Island Potatoes/Candied Shallots

Red Kuri Squash Ravioli/Hazlenut Cream/Maple Syrup

Heirloom tomatoes/Melon/Narragansett Creamery Ricotta/Chickpeas

Risotto/Sage/Chanterelle/Crispy Sweetbread

Lobster Croquetes/ Succotash/Tarragon Oil

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