Thursday, July 23, 2009

Like it OR NOT

Sometimes the dishes you create that you think are going to be show stoppers just don't perform the way you wish they would. I was confident that some of our early summer dishes were hits.

Crispy Lamb Spare Ribs/Mashed Peas/Chocolate Mint Oil/Pea Shoot Salad

For some reason this one just didn't take off. I as thrilled to take the classic combination of Peas/mint & Lamb to another level. The lamb ribs were beautiful, falling off the bone, the mashed peas gave you a new take on hat a fresh pea is, and the crisp pea shoot salad...I mean I don't know what else to say. But no one was ordering. 3 here maybe 5 another night...

Our replacement for this dish so far so good!

Braised Domestic Rabbit/Sweet Pea & Sheeps Milk Ricotta Ravioli/Truffled Parmesan Broth/Pea Shoot Salad

The response has been great. Hopefully this bistro dish stands the test of time.

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