Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Summer Menu

After some long discussions and even some resistance on the culinary teams part, we are making some changes to the Tastings menu.
Currently we are open for lunch 2 day a week, those days being Saturday & Sunday. One problem, especially for our area....NO LUNCH MENU.
Maybe its chefs syndrome, whatever it is we are going to put some lunch items on. Some salads and sanwiches will make their way to the menu. A few of those are

Patio Burger
wagyu beef, tomato vinaigrette, red onion jam served on an English Muffin.

"1895" Cuban
serrano ham, roast pork, manchengo cheese, house made pickles, blueberry mustard

- the 1895 comes from the year the Sanish Cuban war started....

Our dinner menu will not change much, we are keeping the small plates format but adding entrees to the menu. The demand is there for entrees(although every person that Ive told since we made the desicion has been dissapointed and loves the small plates) but the small dishes are staying, just trying to capture more of the market.

Early summer is going to bring some great new items fromt he farms, already we are seeing some of the earliest strawberries I have ever seen. Lettuces and herbs are starting to pop up and everyday the lists are getting larger and larger.

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