Thursday, April 2, 2009

Road to the JBH: Part 2

The last few days have been crazy, not only are we in the middle of as much prep as we can get done before we get on the road tomorrow. We had to prep 650 portions of our soy cured salmon dish for the Taste Of The Nation event tonight. Matt was at the restaurant tonight trying to put the finishing touches on the packing but ended up spending most of the night talking to guests in the dining room. And yes don't forget, we have to get ready for the weekend at the restaurant.

Prep started early this morning, I arrived about 5:30am to the restaurant. Honestly the only reason I was there so early was because the night before while butchering chickens, I felt like slicing half of my finger off. Spent a couple hours at the local medical center closing up the wound and ended up with nothing done at 11:00pm.
So this morning I came in bright and early, cooked 44 guinea hen loins sous vide, butchered 30 pounds of veal cheeks remade the meyer lemon fluid gel and made sure that the pigs head was simmering.

Matt finished smoking duck breasts and intended to start packing, but the business came first tonight. Let me say that Matt has been what every chef de cuisine, right hand man and sous chef should strive to be. During this whole process he has made sure the restaurant is still standing, orders get placed, employees get paid and I keep my head on straight with all the events, demos, and tastings we are doing.

Tomorrow we are off, I will start the packing in about 5 hours and get most of the goods into the owners truck, pick up my wife and Matt's girlfriend who is doubling as our photographer for the weekend as well, and head off to NYC. Ill use the time tomorrow night to write some recipes for the interns and make sure my friend from Puerto Rico who is flying up from the island to help makes it in okay.

Wish Us Luck!

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