Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Basque Country, Spain. You've got to try the pintxos.My opinion, Basque food is the best in Spain, especially Basque pintxos which are like tapas, but much better! Pintxos is the Basque word for pinchos, which is another name for tapas.

Pintxos are 'finger food', much more than tapas are. They will be served on a slice of bread or skewer. The best Pintxos in Spain are said to be in San Sebastian, where youll find gourmet pinxtos prepared by some of Spains best chefs.

At Tastings we have started to offer $3 pintxos at our bar everyday from 5pm-7pm. Some of the recent selections have been
1. Foie Gras on Toast
2. Mussels with Citrus Tomato Sauce
3. Serrano Ham & Plancha seared cetas( wild mushrooms)

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