Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Team

A quick post about the Tastings culinary team.

Matt Maue my right hand man and even my left hand sometimes (Chef De Cuisine) Imani Greer(Sous Chef) have both worked with me for about 2 years, first in the Virgin Islands and then they came up to Boston to work at Tastings.

In fact much of my team Dione Johnson(Opening Sous Chef), Edgardo Santiago (line cook) and Ryan Jacobs (Line Cook) all moved up from the Islands to embark on the development of Tastings.

Imani was the lead line cook at Tastings when we opened and recently has been promoted to the sous chef. He deserves it!

Its very comforting to know that more than half of my staff has worked with me and understands the way I run the kitchen, what I am expecting, my style of cuisine and how far they can push the limits with their own cuisine.

I firmly believe that the food accolades that Tastings has received in the first 6 months of opening is directly related to the strong culinary team. We have also been fortunate enough to have brought on board some very motivated individuals to compliment and add to the unity of the kitchen team. Justin Warnant(Lead Line Cook)
Kate S.(Garde Manager) John B.( Line cook) Brian P.( Line Cook) and of course the DISH DOGS Porfillio (Main Dog)Juan,Dennis & Tim.

Thanks to all of you for giving all you can every time you step foot in the restaurant. We have just begun this journey together and without your hard work and dedication and of course the love of this business, our cuisine would not be where its at today.

My commitment to you in exchange is to continue to allow Tastings to be a platform for you all to express yourselves through food, to continue to teach and be taught by you and to help build your career as a chef.

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