Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Menu Thoughts

Matt & I are right in the middle of testing numerous dishes for about 5 different out of house events in the next 2- months. A few multi course meals, several one dish wonders for charity events ( Taste of the Nation, Neponset Valley Flavors)At the New England Food Service Show we are doing a small plates demo and right in the middle and the most important will be our spring menu release.

This menu will probably change all but 3-4 of the current dishes that we just cant get rid of. Our Black truffle mac & cheese was just featured in a Boston Globe article,our calamari dish is staying( if you don't have some type of fried calamari on your menu in New England your just losing revenue) and honestly not just because it our recipe, but its damn good!

The spring menu will be both about combining classic with innovative, take our Skate Wing with "peas & carrots" we are thinking about compressing two pieces of skate wing to form a thick cut skate wing steak served with glazed cippolini, fresh English peas and carrot fluid gel.

We are also going to focus on simple flavors simple ingredients with the "garden section" of our menu. The garden section of the menu is intended to highlight the regions locally grown produce. A great way to showcase the pure and natural flavors of local farms in New England.

One of the two of the dishes we tried this weekend was the
"Veal 101"
veal cheek ravioli, fried veal sweetbread, locally grown baby arugula lemon and white truffle oil in a jus made of the veal cheek braising liquid.

Matt was working on a ricotta gnudi. A very light and flavorful gnocchi like dish.
His version with fava beans, black trumpets( morels in a few weeks) with a light sauce of white wine & Meyer lemon is a light refreshing dish, not heavy at all and very easy to do.

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Craig said...

Hi Richard,
Love your blog. Really nice dishes. Where are you in Boston? I used to work in Aujord hui.
Loved Boston, great city. Great food.