Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Irish For A Day

We celebrated St. Patrick"s Day at Tastings with a "green" wine tasting(not green color)but Organic & Bio dynamic wineries committed to sustainable agriculture.

We featured Cashel Blue Cheese, Ireland's first farmhouse blue cheese and still handmade today. Cashel Blue is a semi-soft blue cows’ milk cheese. It is all made on the dairy farm of Jane and Louis Grubb near Cashel in Co. Tipperary Ireland. While some milk is purchased, the majority of the milk comes from the pedigree Friesian dairy herd on the farm.

Yesterday we also had the pleasure of accepting 23.8 pounds of Organic Irish Trout from Browne Trading Co. Farmed in Clew Bay, Mayo, the Irish Organic Trout differs from those of other origins and are characterised by their sleek body form and silver bright skin. The rich tasting trout, beautiful shade of pink, much like the color of artic char flesh.
We prepared a dish of:
Seared Irish Organic Trout
boiled new potatoes(cant say its Irish unless you have boiled potatoes)
cooked with watercress
dressed in a cream and amber honey sauce.

The last but not least of the Irish small plates:
"Bangers & Mash"
wild boar sausage
braised onion & fennel
fingerling mash w/creme fraiche

I always find it fun and interesting to research a countries cuisine, find and import the product from that country and then create a dish that exemplifies what a countries cuisine is all about. A great learning experience and pretty tasty I might add.

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