Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Course 4: JBF

I think too many people believe that the art of pairing food and wine is "easy" even if you know what your doing. The Guinea Hen Loin with double fortified jus,
lavender spring peas, porcini mushroom froth & baby carrot tips is being paired with 2005 Goldeneye Pinot Noir. Can I say "big pinot". We actually incorporated the porcini mushroom froth after the almond milk froth with lavender just didn't work with the wine. Also the pinot just kept taking over, literally wiping the great flavors of this dish right out.

The mushroom has the earthiness we are looking for to help stand up to the wine, we will also be adding some "roasting" herbs to the mousse we made out of the legs to stuff the breast with.

Now the only dilemma I think is the colors on this dish are very 2 dimensional, Matt wants to put some different colored baby carrots and more fresh lavender flowers which I think will help a great deal to make the dish pop. All in all this is a great dish. The technique to make the guinea hen "loin" is great, the flavors of spring are all there and the look of the dish is different and interesting.

The beauty of this trial and error is that a perfect dish will emerge, a perfect pairing will come to fruition. Not everything works out for us the first, second third or fourth time. Honestly some dishes never even make the second cut.

To watch and taste a dish from the initial concept to the final product is always a challenge but it is what I love most!

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