Sunday, March 8, 2009

Compressed Skate Wing Steak w/ "Peas & Carrots"

About a month ago Matt developed a dish with house cured duck ham where he incorporated a carrot fluid gel and some peas. I instantly thought "peas & carrots" and have wanted to incorporate that into our spring menu ever since.

I love Skate Wing and I also have wanted to do something with it that I had read about before. A compressed skate wing "steak". Skate has so much natural gelatin (as does a lot of white fleshed fish)that by stacking the skate fillets in an alternating method,thick end to thin end, and a 25 minutes sous vide bath followed by a weighted overnight stay in the walk in, we are able to obtain a 1 1/2 inch thick skate wing steak.

The finished dish:
Compressed Skate Wing Steak
English Peas cooked in butter,shallots & chardonnay
Carrot Fluid Gel
Local Pea Shoots
Fried Capers
Crispy Serrano Ham
Red Radish

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