Thursday, February 26, 2009

Veal Cheek & Truffle Ravioli

I was supposed to be putting together a spring dish for the new menu coming up in a few weeks. As Justin was braising the veal cheeks I noticed we still had a beautiful Winter Truffle from one of last weeks dishes, so the truffle center of my brain took over.
After braising the veal cheeks, straining out the veg and pulsing the meat with some of the braised veg, I loaded up with some truffle juice, and some of the truffle peelings from the juice.

The pasta is a very basic pasta dough recipe, but has never failed me, especially for ravioli, where the sheet needs to be thin enough to not have a mouthful of pasta but sturdy enough to handle the filling.

3 eggs
aprox 2 cups flour
pinch of Maine Sea Salt
2 tbl Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
standard pasta making technique applies

I stuffed the raviolis with the veal cheek mixture in our "old school" ravioli maker. And yes the picture is me hand cranking the dough.

The sauce, a combination of the veal cheek braising liquid, butter, salt & pepper. I tossed in some English peas, I was still going to add at least a touch of spring to the dish, some peppery micro arugula from Wards Berry Farm, a healthy portion of the fresh black winter truffle and finished with some Duardo Spanish Extra Virgin oil.

Spring? not totally, but damn good!!!

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