Sunday, February 22, 2009

Round 1:Course 1

As promised here are the first shots of the testing for the first course for the JBF dinner. Right now Nantucket bay scallops are not leaving the island, I have talked to almost every major seafood supplier in Boston and they are not even getting a constant stream, one gallon here a 100 live there, its a crap shoot really.
So luckily I found a scallop guy who will be supplying us for the beard dinner, but in the mean time and for the initial tests we are using a dry 40/60 count New Bedford Scallop. Not as sweet but just as fresh and the quality was superb.

The ingredients for round 1 include:

Seared Scallops"Ceviche Dressing"
(deconstructed components of a ceviche marinade)/ Fresh Black Truffles
1. Meyer Lemon Fluid Gel
2. Dehydrated Onion( 6-8 hours @ 120F in the dehydrator) no browning, just a nice light full flavored onion crisp
3. Cilantro "chips" ( layered between two sheets of food grade plastic wrap, lightly brushed with oil and microwaved for 1-2 minutes until very crisp, then dehydrated for about an hour) Honestly I think that a fried cilantro leaf is better suited for this dish.
4. Piquillo pepper sauce( we started with red jalapeno, but it was not the right pairing for the Duckhorn 2005 Savignon Blanc) HELLO spicy food sav blanc???? Sometimes the chef takes over) but the piquillo pepper really worked well.
5. Fresh julienne of Black Truffles
6. We used Extra Virgin Olive Oil Powder(Duardo Spanish EVOO)but decided this was too much, we will just finish the dish with a nice drizzle of this great oil.
6. Corn Nuts (not pictured) the corn nut crumble will be PERFECT! this dish is well balanced but very sweet, I think this late addition will add more crunch and a nice savory element to the dish.

All in all I think this is going to be a great first course, some minor tweaks this week and thats that!

Next weeks dish Round 2:
House Smoked Hudson Valley Duck Breast
edible merlot, great hill blue cheese foam, rye crisps

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