Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dessert Menu

Lets be honest here, I'm not a pastry chef....I have been neglecting what could be the single most important part of the meal when a guest comes into the restaurant. The final course, dessert as most know it, is the last impression that a guest has when they leave. The savory meal as a whole can be the best meal they have ever eaten in their life, but if the dessert course was just OK....maybe the dessert course was horrible, guess what? that's the way a guest is going to finish the meal, that's the way a guest is going to remember their meal. Not exactly the lasting impression I was hoping for. It could very well be the deciding factor on coming back to your restaurant.

I have to say that I don't think that our current dessert menu is horrible, its just that its not outstanding....its not perfect, and its not consistent. I strive to achieve consistency and perfection with every plate that leaves the kitchen, but I have not been giving the same attention and respect to our desserts....until know.

Tomorrow we will release our new & much improved dessert menu, we will be taking on the production of these desserts in house and focusing our attention on making the desserts on our menu just as much of a priority as everything else on the menu. As usual we are blending some traditional with some not so traditional. Incorporating some visual aspects to our desserts that are not your usual suspects, and most important...flavor is outstanding, perfect...

Classic Crème Brulee
almond biscotti, fresh berries

Warm Chocolate Ganache Cake
liquid center, candied red beets, Tahitian vanilla bean gelato

Smoked Rosemary Goat Cheesecake
blackberry reduction, cracked black pepper tuile

Colombian dark chocolate, cinnamon gelato

Strawberry Chardonnay
Blackberry Cabernet
Blood Orange

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Bellini Valli said...

The new dessert menu is a winner Richard. Just a friendly reminder to send in your photo and mention BloggerAid and the cookbook on your blog before the deadline of February 12th. I know that time has a way of getting away from us:D