Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter 2009 Menu Release

This winter season we wanted to showcase simple flavors, cooked in a creative fashion with our unique spin on some winter comfort foods.
One of the themes that you will see is the use of some of Spains best ingredients. Our Serrano ham, piquillo peppers, olive oil and much more to list are some of the best products that Spain has to offer. We have decided to also put on this winters menu, Paella. We will cooking two traditional paellas that are intended to be shared by two people. Our first is the traditional Paella Valenciana ( Chicken,green beans)and our second option will be the world famous Seafood Paella. We are cooking these from scratch and should take 30-40 minutes to prepare, but I assure you the wait is well worth it!
Some of our other additions this winter are American Kobe Beef from Strube Ranch in Texas, Berkshire Pork from a family co-op of farms in Missouri, and as always we are sourcing as much seafood as possible from the New England waters. The cod that we bring in is all hook and line caught on local day boats, our current oyster selection is Watch hill oysters from Southern Rhode Island, and the Fishing Vessel Java-Rose out of Mattapoissett Bay is out catching our "live" bay scallops.

All of your favorites will remain on the menu, wild boar meatballs, black truffle mac & cheese and point judith calamari to name a few. Some of the great but very seasonal items will have to retire this season. But I assure you that these new taste sensations will have you warming up your appetite this winter!

Sample Winter 2009 Menu

Braised Berkshire Pork Shank
almond milk air/butter beans/sweet vermouth/orange gremolata

Bruschetta Tasting
Serrano Ham & Black Trumpet/ Goat Cheese "Beignet" & Piquillo Pepper marmalade/ marinated artichoke hearts

Winter Root Vegetable Hash
poached farm egg

Sous Vide Beet Salad
raspberry fluid gel/ shaved fennel/ Vermont goat milk feta

All Natural Roasted 1/2 Chicken
roasted winter vegetables

Chestnut Soup
candied apple/house made pancetta/buttered crouton

Fried Chickpeas
sage/spanish pimenton/Maine sea salt

American Wagyu (Kobe) Hanger Steak
Plancha seared fingerlings/ Rioja reduction

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