Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We have been testing and testing AND testing several different recipes for churros over the past few weeks. Most of them were OK, but none of them had that classic traditional taste & texture that I remember so well. The majority of the recipes were a variation of a classic pate a choux dough, but the results were usually a gummy interior with a over done exterior, and on top of that the shelf life was extremely limited.
We received our churrera (churro maker) in the mail the other day. Its a traditional device made in Spain to extrude the perfect churro, we purchased it from La Tienda, by far one of the best importer of Spanish products to the USA. (Also bought our traditional Paella pans from them as well)As we were reading through the instructions, we came across what was a "traditional churro" recipe. The ingredients,
250 grams of all natural wheat flour
250cc of plain good ole' water
a pinch of salt
Could it be that the simplest recipe you could find, no flavor or added ingredients could result in the tastiest churro we have made in our kitchen? You obviously know that I'm going to say yes! It took me right back to the churro stand in Spain instantly, texture was crispy on the out side and a warm dense almost creamy interior. Perfect!
At Tastings, We are serving our churros with a non traditional twist, green cardamom cinnamon sugar & hot white chocolate.Very, very tasty let me tell you....

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Bellini Valli said...

Last time I had churros was in Cuba. I would be very interested in recreating this treat too to remind me of days spent in the sun:D