Thursday, November 6, 2008

Small Is Beautiful

Small Plates? What are they? This is the question I am faced with everyday at the restaurant. I cant even begin to tell you how many conversations I have with guests who don't understand the concept of small plate dining. Some have been very upset!?
First we have to be straight forward, small plates ARE smaller than your traditional entree, a hearty appetizer is what I like to say to our guests. But small plate dining is more than dinner, its more than just getting a bite to eat to fill up your stomach. Small plate dining is an experience you can share with your friends,your family, a date, even alone at the bar at Tastings. Sharing as any small plates as you want, paired with great wines in an environment that screams "culinary experience" is what its about. What you receive is a plethora of little treats. Our Dishes run the gamut from innovative, to quite simple and rustic. On our menu they generally range in price from $4.00 to $18 a plate.
This is a great way to try nearly every dish on a menu without committing to just one, or getting mad over a pricey bad choice. When shared as a group, the dishes offer anywhere from a bite, to a slice, to your very own if you want.

Some tips for small plate virgins

Don’t overlook what seems like normal regular foods. Our Cheese selection, roasted Marcona almonds, olives, and bruschetta employ different interesting ingredients, giving classics a new taste.

If you don’t like something, don’t worry, someone your sitting with probably will! If not, order another dish. At Tastings, ordering another, and then another, wont make you the odd man out. Honestly ordering three to five dishes each is nothing.

Pace yourself.Enjoy!!!Order two or three dishes first for your group. When your done, ask your server to show you the menu again and order another round. Remember were not trying to eat until we explode, We want to enjoy and savor the experience. Think about the Spanish and Latin American cultures,(which I happen to be) we indulge in multi-hour and multi course dinners often. Take your time.

Challenge your taste buds.... by far my favorite reason to experience small plates. Go ahead... try the foie gras, the pork belly, the testa(pig head charcuterie)you just never know what you could find yourself eating..and liking!!


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