Wednesday, November 12, 2008

American Wagyu Beef

This week at Tastings we are lucky to have been able to get our hands on some domestic wagyu beef. Wagyu beef are intensely marbled and high in flavor. Wagyu Cattle are fed whole grain diets supplemented with beer to stimulate the animals' appetites. In addition, massage and and brushing the animals with sake (rice wine) is claimed to improve the quality of the meat.

The Wagyu breed of cattle, the breed most often used for "Kobe" beef, is actually the result of cross-breeding with a large variety of Western breeds (including Brown Swiss, Devon Shorthorns, and Holsteins) with native Japanese cattle. The breeding program was institutionalized in the early 1900's by the Japanese government. It is, in effect, a program designed specifically to increase the flavor and marbling of Japanese beef.

We will be offering the short rib this week. Take a look at the pictures and you can see the well marbled cuts of beef.

We actually took a piece of this short rib, which generally needs to be cooked low & slow to break down the muscles and make it tender enough to eat comfortably, and seared it on our jade plancha, a little salt & pepper and a quick sear and you would swear you were eating a top quality rib eye.

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