Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cauliflower Ice Cream

Tastings Chef De Cuisine, Matt Maue. A Buffalo NY native, (who by the way hates the cold) is off to a strong start with us. Matts culinary abilities and out side of the box avant garde thinking, really adds a depth to our food at Tastings that we would not get unless he was here.
Yesterday was inventory day, payroll day, manager meeting day and anything else that has nothing to do with actual cooking. When I was finished with a late afternoon meeting I was surprised to find a small dish of Cauliflower Ice Cream.
We just changed our late summer menu over to our fall menu and had some cauliflower left over from our stripe bass dish.
Matts description of the dish as follows:
Cauliflower cooked sous vide at 83 degrees Celsius with butter, then pureed and enriched with yogurt, cream fraiche and egg yolk a little white pepper and spun in the ice cream machine. Finished with salmon roe, crispy cauliflower, nasturtium leaves , cranberry dust, pear, and vanilla balsamic.

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Anonymous said...

Just had cauliflower ice cream - frozen cauliflower blended for a few seconds in a Thermomix, one banana, small portion of frozen coconut milk added plus cinnamon and one half spoonful of agave syrup; and a few seconds later, sesame seeds; delicious