Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Menu

We launched the fall menu this afternoon at Tastings. Out with the summer dishes until next year, but we are excited about the local squash and pumpkins we have found in our area.

Local Long Island Cheese Pumpkin will be used for our "Curried Pumpkin Soup w/ Pear & Fennel Slaw, Caramelized Peanuts and Fennel Pollen"

We are using a Kabocha Squash for our new Gnocchi Dish, let me tell you that we were not sure how this dish would end up, but Matt found great balance, we decided after the fact that the addition of a crispy braised pork belly would finalize this dish, the "Kabocha Squash Gnocchi w/egg nog froth, hazelnut crumble and local cider glaze", gives a great sweet and sour effect to the pork belly.

We also added a comforting Local Fisherman's stew, with seafood sourced from only the waters off the New England coast, the Fisherman's Stew is cod, scallop, mussels and clams and is finished with a chorizo & saffron reduction. Think rustic rice less Paella.... No fuss here, just a tasty rendition of a classic.

We look forward to also starting to showcase some forward thinking cuisine this week with the use of our blackboard. The blackboard will change weekly and you will be able to find some experimental cuisine that we have been working on. Also be on the lookout for some new cheese selections sourced only in New England.

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